But a break is forecast after that with only one small gale forecast north of Hawaii on Wed (1/13) with 32 ft seas. Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Ann Arbor, MI. Caution is advised. Swell Direction: 325-330 degrees, North Pacific Animations: Jetstream - Surface Pressure/Wind - Sea Height - Surf Height. Fetch was gone on Wed AM (1/6). Subsurface Waters Temps Atmospheric Coupling (Indicating the presence of El Nino in the atmosphere driven by the ocean): A broad cooling pattern was controlling the entire equatorial Pacific with anomalies -1 degs C in the far East, weaker than weeks past and over the entire equatorial Pacific at depth. Score access to long-range surf forecasts, and ad-free web cams with Magicseaweed Pro The most accurate and trusted Perth surf reports, forecasts, and coastal weather. Recently Visited Pages. In compiling this website, we have endeavoured to include data for the main global surf breaks. Ben Macartney. The paragraphs below analyze the state of the MJO and ENSO in the Pacific and provide forecasts for upcoming activity (or inactivity depending on the state and interaction of these two oscillations). COASTALWATCH PLUS EXCLUSIVE | APRIL FORECAST. These therefore have a significant impact on the production of swell and surf. No precip forecast. Swell Direction: 283-288 degrees, Southern CA: For planning purposes expect swell building through the day Sun (1/10) pushing 4.0 ft @ 20-21 secs late at the most exposed breaks (8.0 ft). National Long-Range Surf Forecast For April. Surf Reports. In the evening the gale is to build to storm status while lifting northeast with 55 kt west winds and seas building to 46 ft at 44N 152W. Swell Alert. This is likely becoming a 2 year event in that even if temps were to return to normal in July it would take 3-5 months for the upper level circulation to respond in kind. popular demand we've built and easy to use time convert that transposes Toggle navigation. This system is to pushing east-northeast gaining strength on Fri AM (1/8) with 50 kt west winds and seas building from 43 ft at 42N 158E aimed east at Hawaii. The gale is to fade while falling southeast in the Western Gulf Sun AM (1/10) with 35-40 kt northwest winds and seas 43 ft at 45M 166W aimed east-southeast.