Semi-evergreen well marked foliage to 35cm high x 50cm wide. Apart from growing in my sandy soil under some well established shrubs I also have a pot or two growing in the shade of other plants, it seems to be entirely unconcerned with its position, is growing happily and looks great! A border which is north facing for example may not get direct sunlight but it is generally open and so more grasses can be found (such as Deschampsia cespitosa, Molinia caerulea and Miscanthus Starlight), that will grow in this kind of shade than that found under an established beech tree whose tenacious root system will dry out the soil and any smaller plant growing within its reach. Some of the best shade gardens are designed with shade loving ornamental grasses. It has the advantage of making a denser turf than fescue so it is a useful addition to shade mixtures. We offer a wide range of ornamental grasses for sale at Jackson's Nurseries. find out more, The shuttlecock fern, vigorous and striking. There is a rich variety of colored ornamental grasses including blue, purple and even black. Northern Sea Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium. Great value for … Meadowgate Nursery is a retailer of diverse and unusual Ornamental grasses, sold at competitive prices. // -->, £5.50 St. Augustine grass grows best under trees and in darker areas. Have a look at the Plant Selector on the Home and Shop pages choosing the ‘Dry Shade from the drop down selection.’. It can bring an airy lightness to shady corners. SUPER STEADFAST Ultra Shade grass seed is perfect for garden and lawns with very low exposure to sun light.